Volume II of Jonathan Taylor’s Goldberg Variations announced!

“This is by far the most ambitious venture I have ever attempted, I wanted to take the journey of Jamie Goldberg to its inevitable conflicts that Jamie has wanted to so dearly put off,” stated Jonathan Taylor the author of new forthcoming entry into The Goldberg Variations series, The Redemption of the Damned.

The ArnoLand Press is pleased to announce the long awaited second volume of The Goldberg Variations. The book is anticipated to be on the market this coming May.

The first volume, entitled The Rites of Passage, was critically acclaimed and well received. The second volume, titled The Redemption of the Damned promises to be an even more gripping and compelling read than volume 1 has proven to be. In volume 1 we saw Jamie struggling with many things but specifically his being gay. 

Now in volume 2, Jamie Goldberg, newly out of the closet in 1980 Detroit, thinks coming out of the closet will solve his problems. But his darker secrets remain. He cannot seem to face these traumatic secrets let alone accept them. He discovers that human sexuality is a lot more complex than merely gay versus straight. He experiences profound societal pressures, parental rejection, and social alienation after openly admitting he is gay. But he also learns that his struggles with sexual acceptance, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts only begin with coming out. In short, he realizes that coming out of the closet can pose more problems than it solves. Sometimes he is sustained only by his own wry sense of humor; other times he is sustained by music, theater, and ultimately by a cast of Detroit characters who accept him as he is even if he does not. Ultimately, he has a date with his past he cannot escape. That confrontation threatens to damn him or possibly redeem him. 

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