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In preparations for returning to business, we have agreed to a new release date with the author, Jonathan Taylor.  The new date it is expected to come out will be September 15th. Please mark your calendars. We will have a series of book launch events that will be either virtual or in person as determined by the best scientific and medical minds. 

The Magic Mountain is a compelling exploration of both magic, survival and genocide, discovered with a frankness no one likes to talk about. His research has taken over 3 years to complete and offers new insights into chapters of American history that too many people would like to forget.

"This is by far the most ambitious venture I have ever attempted, I wanted to take the journey of Jamie Goldberg to its inevitable conflicts that Jamie has wanted to so dearly put off," stated Jonathan Taylor the author of new forthcoming entry into The Goldberg Variations series, The Redemption of the Damned.

The 2019 AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS named The Rites of Passage as a Finalist in its LGBTQ Fiction category.  The Eric Hoffer Award also announced that The Rites of Passage was named finalist in the Category Best LGBTQ Literature.  These honors are in addition to the Falkner award Finalist for General Fiction.

The Rites of Passage is meant to appeal and also provoke the LGBT, Jewish, Progressive, alternative sexuality, and the Arts-loving communities and is particularly relevant to a new generation of gender and sexuality-related issues for adults and young adults alike. 

Announcing the launch of the new series from Jonathan Taylor. ArnoLand books announces the closing of a multi-book deal with procuring the rights to the entire Goldberg Variations Series.

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The ArnoLand Press is currently accepting submissions for full length fiction and non-fiction; however, please read our acceptance criteria before deciding to submit. Unsolicited manuscripts will be reviewed but cannot be returned nor any feedback given.

The ArnoLand Press is the platform for underserved voices and communities. As such, our press is looking for out of the ordinary people, perspective and stories that take their special voice and reach out to a general community. In other words, we are not looking for genre or community manuscripts but manuscripts that look to educate, inform and challenge the status quo while entertaining any and all readers. For manuscripts that seek to service their communities look at community presses. we hope to improve the world by adding your voice to the common narrative.

Specifically we are looking for novels, memoirs and non-fiction history. We are open to other forms, providing they fulfill the above mission of the Press.

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